Rainy Lake

Natural lake Rainy Lake is not totally within the United States because it sits on the border between Minnesota and Canada. This region of the United States. 

The Salton Sea

Salton Lake is a saltwater man-made lake, as its name indicates. The entire lake is located in California.

Fort Peck Lake

Fort Peck Lake, which is in Montana, was created as a reservoir and dam system to aid in the navigation of the Missouri River.

Selawik Lake

Selawik Lake in Alaska ranks third among the state's many lakes in terms of size. Northwest of that area is where it is.

Red Lake

The Red Lake Indian Reservation encompasses the whole lake, which is situated in Minnesota's northern region.

Lake St. Clair

The Detroit River, Lake Erie, and the St. Lawrence Seaway are all connected to Lake St. Clair. 

Becharof Lake

Becharof Lake, which is situated on Alaska's peninsula, was identified in the 18th century. It was incorporated into the USA.

Lake Sakakawea

The entire lake is a man-made structure that is situated in North Dakota. Made in 1953, this reservoir

Lake Champlain

A natural lake, Lake Champlain, borders Quebec, the United States, and New York, respectively.

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