Lake Superior

Superior Lake is the biggest lake in the whole of North America. It is one of the five Great Lakes, which run parallel to the U.S.-Canada border.

Lake Huron

The second-largest lake in North America, Lake Huron, is a Great Lake that borders both the United States and Canada. 

Lake Michigan

The surface area of Lake Michigan is about 57,757 km2, making it the third biggest lake in North America.

Great Slave Lake

 a maximum depth of 614 metres, Great Slave Lake really has the distinction of being the deepest lake in North America. 

Lake Erie

Another enormous lake, Lake Erie, comes in at number six on the list of the largest lakes in North America.

Lake Winnipeg

In the Canadian province of Manitoba, there is a sizable, shallow lake called Lake Winnipeg.

Lake Nicaragua

With an average surface area of 8,264, Lake Nicaragua, also known as lago Cocibolca, is the ninth-largest freshwater lake in North America.

Lake Athabasca

With an average surface size of 7,850 square kilometres, Lake Athabasca takes the tenth rank on the list.

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